DSC_2784a(3 photos)   This past weekend was another trip to our nearby botanical garden.  This is a friendly fence, don’t you think?

DSC_2819aA fence made of this requires no wood and very little water, and is a bit more formidable.

DSC_2830aThis has all the advantages of the second choice, but it’s oh so green, even if it is a bit cranky looking.

Inspired by the lovely fence posted today by Eliza Waters.


10 Replies to “Good Fences Make Good Neighbors”

  1. Pampas grass was something that was planted here as a ‘privacy’ fence or hedge. The leaves will rip you to shreds and needs a whole lot more space than it was given here when I moved in. It was a real challenge to remove.

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  2. I like all the leading lines taking the eye down the path in the first photo, plus the lighting and color. The third one kind of grabs my attention too though I haven’t figure out exactly why.

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