For Jennie.

8 Replies to “Seeing Our Beliefs”

    1. I think it’s especially true when we see our beliefs (mundane or sublime, lofty or not so much so) become manifest. Then we’re more likely to believe & respect our power.
      Thanks for your comment, David.


    1. I find these little pods quite irresistible, especially those tiny curling “flourishes” at the ends. Yes, I think they’re seed pods, although I have yet to find one with a seed still inside. They fall from the trees that line the main street in front of the house – the same trees that drop the leaves I posted in “At Ease” a few days back.


      1. It looks leguminous. Are they tiny? Perhaps it is bladder senna (Colutea arborescens)? The pods seem to have little curls on them. Blooms in summer and fruits thereafter. You’ll have to look for the pods then. It says the tree only grows to about 11 ft. Does this fit?


        1. No, those trees at the front of the house are huge. Much taller than my 2-story house. I Googled “Colutea arborescens” and I’ve seen those bladder & flower plants at the nearby botanical garden. Now I must find out the name of those trees out front for you (and me)!

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