DSCN5258-BW1(5 photos)  A loop of power lines encircles the foothills of the San Gabriel mountains like two strands of cheap beads. This spot is just 15 minutes from home. It doesn’t seem like an inviting place, but it actually is. The blessing of the power lines is that they’re accompanied by access roads. These are some pretty steep hills.

DSCN5270-A-AThe path is sage-scented and peaceful. Far up on the ridge we spotted a pair of hikers, and one lonely dirt bike rider stopped to say good morning.

DSCN5249-AI suspect that these foothills are home to the coyotes I see near my house, but the only wildlife we saw were bees and bugs.


The power line trails make an otherwise inaccessible terrain a walk in the park!

San Gabriel foothills[credit: Google maps]

8 Replies to “A Park In Disguise”

    1. Thank you, Kerfe. I wondered if I was cheating a bit by offering a B&W in the opening. But I soothed my conscience with the notion that those giant towers really are best represented by their shape, not color. Whew, I feel better now.

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  1. One of your pics was a revelation of sorts for me. I’ve occasionally noticed what I thought were really thick messy spider webs. Your 3rd shot has me wondering if perhaps they might have been some caterpillar creation. Lots to learn out there in the natural world!

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    1. You’re so right, Gunta. I too realized that this is not a spider’s web — it’s the beginning of a cocoon. At least, that’s what I think. I passed the same plant again on this morning’s walk, and the “web” has gotten more dense. Kind of creeps me out. I identify with the plant, and not the caterpillar.


    1. It is a delight, both for us and for the dogs. They’re decidedly more relaxed. More so than a walk in the ‘hood! Glad you like the power lines, because I took another shot this morning that I really really like. Now all I need is a weekly photo challenge on the topic of “abstract” to show it to its best advantage. 🙂

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