DSC_69273 photos

It rained from yesterday afternoon, through the night, and into late morning!  I remember when February was the month when it rained nearly every day.

All 3 photos were taken last weekend at a local park, when the temp was high 80’s. This morning I actually turned the house heat on.



9 Replies to “Things Are Looking Up”

  1. Even if one never paid attention to the news, one would know that climate change is picking up steam. The blogosphere keeps us in touch with all this — news from friends.
    Thanks Karen


    1. Yes, hooray for some nice rain!
      I also like the middle photo, and for the same reasons. The bunny is a very smart & plump one. He wouldn’t let me close at all. When I took a few steps toward him, he dashed into the prickly pear cactus. I don’t think all the hawks want to swoop in there after him. Smart bunny.


  2. Yeah, things seem to be blooming way early up here, too. But luckily we had rain yesterday and last night. Then a power outage this morning. Roads and lots of trees slipping causing quite a few problems. But I’ll still take the rain!

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