Bees drink from the sprinkler head on the front lawn. (2 photographs)


10 Replies to “Bee Sips”

  1. Really nice back lighting in the first photo. Makes the bee’s bodies “glow” and highlights the proboscis on the central bee. I think it makes the whole photo stand out. I’m glad you included the second because I was having a hard time picturing the sprinkler head in the first.

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  2. Thank you David. The bees gave me plenty of time to take these shots. Enough time to lie down in the grass with the morning sun in my eyes, watching them jockey for position.

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    1. ;-0 Wooohooo the little bee’s tongue is my passport to fame! Are they after the minerals? Gosh, that never occurred to me. I bet there’s merit in that. I will need to test it with a tiny bowl of water next to the sprinkler head, and see what they prefer!

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