20151107_141708_edited-1Armistice Day & Remembrance Day commemorates the end World War I.  As of 1954 in the USA, November 11 is designated as the day to honor those who have served in the US military.


13 Replies to “November 11”

    1. Speaking of manly hugging… I used to work with some Air Force folks. There is a manly ritual hug that never varies at all, as if it’s choreographed:
      1-clasp right hands thumb to thumb & fingers over buddy’s hand
      2-pull buddy toward you
      3-bump chests
      4-slap buddy’s back
      It’s quite amazing. Never varies.

      Thank you David for your meditative & thoughtful comment!


    1. I wondered whether I should post this photo. But then, all the young men being trained from a young age imagining they’re invincible, and then reality happens.

      Thank you for your comment, Val.

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    1. Thanks Gunta. When I walked by this scene at a local movie theater, it just stopped me in my tracks. Had to take the picture, had to post the picture.


  1. Interesting choice of photo, M! I was thinking today that as long as there is testosterone, there will be war. Can’t see any way around that. Kind of comes with the territory. I know I am grossly generalizing, but there seems a correlation between high testosterone and strong egos.

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    1. So it seems to me also, Eliza. The first thing I thought of when seeing this scene was that old Crosby Stills Nash Young song — “teach your children well”.


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