palm tree towerI have to ask you – are the cell towers disguised where you live? Every time I see one of these, I am just flummoxed.  Is this laughable or tragic? Are we supposed to be fooled? Are we supposed to appreciate the attempt to conceal really ugly cell towers? Can’t they do better?  Is this just a California thing? Is this only done where the trees are evergreen?

So I ask you once again – do they do this where you live?

pine tree tower2

palm tree tower2

palm tree tower2_crop

cedar tree tower

20 Replies to “Hidden In Plain Sight”

    1. Where is your part of the world? Yes, they’re kind of stupid. And they make me wonder if whoever came up with this idea thinks everyone looking at them are kinda stupid.


  1. I haven’t seen any in the Midwest and hope I don’t. The towers don’t bother nearly as much as thousands of telephone and electrical poles and all their wires I see every day. I think with the decorations they are trying to be cute (like painting a water tower to look like golf ball on a tree) but it doesn’t work.

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    1. I think there are communities where all the wires are underground so that the skyline remains unmolested. In fact I’m sure I’ve been in these communities. Just can’t remember where.

      What bothers me is the pervasiveness of electronic intrusion into our privacy and how complacent we are about it. I don’t do Facebook for exactly that reason.

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  2. Yes, I’ve seen them up here and during out last trip to the SW. They are idiotic for sure. Though I have to admit to never paying attention to them until Eric pointed them out. Too busy looking for pretty scenery?

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  3. 😀 Yeah, these are pretty bad! They make ours look like white pines. Some of them are pretty convincing, but you can always tell, they are generally higher than all the other trees. I suppose we should applaud their efforts to make them less ugly.

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    1. Okay, now I know something I didn’t know this morning. These silly things are almost everywhere. Definitely evidence of a conspiracy. I wonder when the aliens finally land, if they will be as unconvincing as these “trees”.

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      1. 🙂 Yes, but we do love our cellphones! (Actually, I have an ’emergency’ pay-as-you-go phone that only works in the valley or if I climb the highest hill around here.) Folks are pretty addicted to their phones, from what I can see.

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        1. Definitely true from what I see around L.A. – people on dates in restaurants who are bonding with their phones instead of with each other, people driving badly on the freeway and you just KNOW they’re texting. In the class I am taking this semester, no one copies down the assignments that the professor writes on the whiteboard – everyone just takes a picture on their phone. (me too 🙂 )

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