The persimmon are perfectly ripe & delicious.

I respond to southern California summers the way many people in cold climates respond to winter – with dread and loathing. Hallelujah, we have finally made it through summer. It’s in the 70’s all this week, and we even got two days of rain last week. We’ve been warned to prepare for the Godzilla of El Niño rains this winter. I confess to feeling a bit worried. Southern Californians become excited and/or alarmed by even a tiny bit of rain.  But on the bright side – my yard looks likes it has made it through this summer’s drought.

jalapeno peppers
jalapeno peppers
the orange are starting to get orange
oranges are starting to get orange
avocado are very promising
avocado are abundant
lemons are lovely
lemons are lovely
grapefruit are abundant
grapefruit are generous

24 Replies to “We Made It Through Summer”

    1. Gunta you should just see how many avocados there are on that tree! It’s about 20′ high and 20′ wide. mmmmm
      The time will come when I will have to start giving them away, lest they go to waste. (I have no clue when they will actually be ripe. I’m such a newbie.)


      1. My best friend’s brother sometimes brings avocados up from So Cal. They’re often hard as a rock, but they ripen well on the kitchen counter (or in a paper bag, as some folks suggest). She’s coming by this afternoon. I shall attempt to remember to ask her if she has any suggestions.

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    1. David, I have no clue what you look like, but I can completely imagine you enjoying a persimmon. It just seems like a perfect fit.
      Thank you!


    1. Oh, I didn’t intend these to have that effect! Just the opposite. To me the beginning of our rainy season is so much like… when I’m in pain, and I take some pain reliever, and it finally hits, and I say “oh thank you, it’s going to be okay now”


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