Basilisk lizard, not more leaves

It’s a real treat to see Mother Nature in disguise. This week’s photo challenge  is TREAT .

Click any photo below to see a gallery of TREATS.


26 Replies to “WPC: Treats (Hidden In Plain Sight)”

    1. Well, the driveway and front walk and front porch are dressed up. There’s a mechanical gnarly old butler on the front porch who scared the heck out of me when I went outside yesterday night. All I have is a brand new fluffy tail to pin on the back of my jeans. Except the shredder dog thinks I put it there for him to grab & play with.

      Every Halloween night in the old neighborhood we got about 100 kids come to the door. They started about 5pm and ended about 9pm when we finally turned off the porch light. Fifteen years times 100 kids is a lot of candy! I have no idea if we’ll have any customers in the new house. This neighborhood doesn’t seem to be as Halloween crazy as the old one.

      How about you? Are you dressing up for Halloween?

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      1. No, no dress-up, but I do don the colors orange and black.(It’s my bday, btw!) So there’ll be dinner and cake and lots of flowers, just the way I like it! 🙂 We live in the boondocks so no trick or treaters here. I usually visit the kids next door before they head out to t&t in town. Some years we go to the parade to see the costumes, but it is short and quick with only about 50 participants! 😉 I wonder how many you will get?


    1. Thanks Gigi! I love the eyeball caterpillar too. The photo but not the critter. I don’t think I want to meet another one close up & personal.

      (My favorite is the little sea horse that looks like sea weed.)


    1. Thanks so much. I confess that I tend to see the forest and have a harder time seeing the trees. So when I spot an intriguing detail, it pleases me immensely.


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