DSCN4388_edited-3The more fleeting, the more beautiful. Or does it just seem so?

12 Replies to “More Fleeting Than A Flower”

    1. Oh, I quite agree, and I was so fortunate to have the time to dash into the house & get my camera. Wow, what a sky. Thank so much for your comment.


    1. Because they arise & then disappear so quickly, a beautiful sky or a passing blossom feel like those small surprise gifts which are given for no special occasion. We appreciate them so much more.
      Thanks for the blessing, Eliza. Another surprise gift.

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  1. So gorgeous and beautiful, but I wish I can’t help but think that it’s usually wildfires that create these flaming skies. I still love them, but sigh for those caught up in the actual flames.

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    1. Back in Arizona we used to have so many extraordinary sunsets. Still do, when I visit, and perhaps that’s because of the dust thrown up there. This sunset in Southern California may well indeed be smoke-caused. Your point is well taken. It would be better for all of us if the scarlet color were a reminder that we must take care for the sake of the innocent ones.

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  2. The colors are beautiful. I too remember the colorful sunsets of Arizona. Almost everyday it was another rainbow of colors. I wish we had those sunny days here in Jersey a bit more often.

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    1. You’re so right, Robin. Nearly everyday we were treated to a beautiful sunset. When I make my infrequent returns to AZ, it’s the sunsets that I enjoy most. The sizzling hot days — not so much!

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  3. It is true. We tend to appreciate things more when we know they will soon be gone!
    To me, the colorful clouds look like the ‘train’ at the back of the wedding dress.
    After the wedding, the hot sunlight will melt into the arms of a dark night. 😉


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