Alhambra DSCN1748_edited-1

This week’s photo challenge: share a symbol with us, and tell us what it means to you.

The  courtyard in the Nasrid Palace of the Alhambra in Granada, Spain is a symbol of paradise. For me it is the paradise of the physical world interwoven with and expressive of the paradise of a soul incarnate. The enclosed garden provides coolness and refuge from the summer heat and bustle. This is a place where life bursts the confines of man-made geometric designs. The music of falling water, to me, is a celebration of life in the physical world, while the silence of the space represents the potency of a Presence which seeks expression.

Alhambra DSCN1729_edited-1

16 Replies to “WPC: Symbol”

    1. I find a natural response to that Moorish architecture. But I also like Gothic architecture. Something about the juxtaposition of formal constraints and breaking through with human expressiveness.

      I’m so glad you enjoy the Spain posts It was fun to do more of a post by local theme, versus a post by local place..

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    1. That is so true. I’ve visited gardens with still water, reflecting ponds, koi ponds, falling water making a sound-screen, bubbling brooks. I love them all.


    1. Wow, Spain is a bit of a hike from Australia! Yes, the Alhambra is quite extraordinary. Once inside, it is easy to see why it is on the list of world heritage sites, isn’t it?

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