DSC_1906_edited-1I confess…

DSC_1917_edited-1I find the blossom…


DSC_1920_edited-1than the fruit.

16 Replies to “Full Circle”

    1. Eliza, instead of a wine tasting party, or a cheese tasting party, wouldn’t it be fun to have a honey tasting party? We once had a salsa tasting party, but I think honey would be altogether different, don’t you?


    1. Thank you David! Glad to see the close-ups of your new fungi – it must mean that you finally have some time to spare at your new home.


          1. That’s a good idea but unfortunately I am downright paranoid when it comes to my camera and lenses. If I’m going out with my camera and I think there is a chance of rain I’ll take a couple of grocery bags to cover everything up. Maybe over time I’ll loosen up a little.


    1. Thanks Gunta. I was so pleased to see the little oranges getting larger, but even MORE pleased when new blossoms & tiny oranges showed up! How cool is that?


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