“For this week’s challenge, share a photo which describes what spring means to you.”  Where I live, spring brings back the California poppies. This little flower is so cheerful, but it’s the flag on the back of a departing boat.  Adios to rain and cool breezes. On the horizon are long vistas of hot dry weather, shades pulled against the sun, escalating water bills, summer fires. Please stay a bit longer, little poppy!

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15 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Spring”

  1. I had a whole bunch of CA poppies volunteer to show up on the stretch along my driveway…. they are so cheerful. I don’t think it’s possible to actually catch their sparkle. Though lord knows I’ve tried.


    1. You’re absolutely right, they do sparkle, don’t they? And this photo doesn’t capture that sparkle. I think sparkle is what made me describe them as cheerful.


    1. Thanks Sue. I love them too. Before they arrive each spring I’ve forgotten about them, and am always surprised when they show up. When I saw the first poppy leaves in my garden, I thought “huh, carrots???”. I’m not much of a horticulturalist, as you might have noticed.


    1. I feel very fond of my little patch of poppies. They’re like unselfconscious children, bubbling with life. I will keep trying to get a shot that does just to these little friends.


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