Click any image to watch the day proceed. I promised my friend Gunta to try and capture the sparkle, and my friend Sue reminded me of the poppy hat, and I promised my friend Eliza that I’d try to do the poppy justice.

32 Replies to “A Day In The Life Of A Poppy”

    1. Thank you Dragon! And thanks for stopping by. My little poppy patch will only be around a few more weeks. Nice to have them come visit every year.


  1. A really beautiful series.. excellent captures on them all but the light on the 3rd one is somthing for me to lookout for now ..


    1. Thank you Mitch! Silly me, I didn’t think about poppies being so wide-spread. I think of poppies as California flowers (it is our state flower). But of course, now that I think of it, there are those red poppies that are so often reproduced here in honor of the sacrifices of the WWII vets. I have been to Yorkshire and don’t recall seeing any poppies. But then, I was too busy enjoying other thrills.


      1. Thanks for your reply and follow mk. Poppies are just starting to come into flower now in the UK but the sun appears to be avoiding us; so for me to repeat your “poppy sparkle” is not very likely. There are many kind of poppies that flower at different times of the year; I think the “Welsh Poppy” is about the hardiest and it comes in yellows and oranges, not as bright as your gorgeous poppies of California but still a beautiful wild flower and it will flower from spring till fall. The red poppie that are used for remembrance of the “great wars” will flower in June/July that really is a sight to see on our farmland. I’ll watch out for some this year but I do have some photos in my archives from last year if not.
        kind regards


        1. You make me realize I need to pay closer attention. Does southern California have any other variety of poppy than these orange ones? I don’t recall having ever seen any others, but that doesn’t mean there are no others.


          1. Our florist carries hybrid Calif. poppies in a lovely almost copper red… but the hybrids are less hardy and don’t reseed as readily as the wild variety. Love this series and the conversations it started! 😀


              1. PS You were right in the first place. Can’t imagine a florist carrying poppies, since they don’t last long once picked… not even if left unpicked.


    2. I just noticed today we have your California poppies growing in the center of our carriageways. Our local council created a butterfly corridor through the our town using verges along the side and in the center of our road network 😉


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