I Can’t Help It If I’m Cute

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DSCN0374_edited-1My cat Ginger hides in a chinese roof tile corner ornament.  She’s cute even without the comparison, don’t you think?

19 Replies to “I Can’t Help It If I’m Cute”

      1. 😀 I do love a little bit of Geore Clooney… and cats. It’s a match made in heaven. 😀

        I got a huge big tomcat (he’s massive, although he doesn’t look like one, his mum was a Maine Coon so he got the size from that side of the family), a gorgeous little female kitty, who has a funny (or unfortunate) little dictator mustache.

        Aaaaand… currently also 5 kittens (after 2 failed attempt to neuter my girl) who’s just getting cuter and cuter each day. Calling the vets tomorrow to see when the mummy can be spayed… The worry is she’s still feeding the kittens, so full of milk, but she will also go into heat again soon unless it’s done!


          1. Oh he’s gorgeous – much better than George Clooney! Love his wee goatie. 😀

            One of the kitten’s got a little black goatie… it’s a girl. 😀 The two black and white ones are so beautiful, not the other three aren’t cute, they’re so adorable, but the markings on the b/w ones are superb. However, I will be keeping on of the boys, so that’s a grey striped one for me. 😀


    1. Me too! Orange tabbies are THE BOMB! We had a prince of an orange tabbie named Ralph. He would lie between us on the sofa, and always would put 2 paws on one of us and 2 paws on the other one. What a guy! Our Ginger is also the coolest, sanest, happiest cat in the house without a doubt.


    1. I found the best pet sitter in the whole world on Angie’s List. She’s totally an animal lover and totally responsible! She comes over everyday, or twice a day when necessary. She sends me a daily email with a new picture of one of the cats or the dog. I used to worry terribly, but not any more. She’s tooooootally the best. The dog will stay at my pet sitter’s house, the cats will stay here.


      1. Sounds wonderful – a daily update, almost as good as being with them! They are much happier at home and the dog, being social, is probably much happier with the sitter. Win-win!


    1. Whew! Thank you Susan. In a multiple choice world, I could be (A) a crazy cat lady, or (B) a sucker!, or (C) an observant photographer who found an interesting subject/composition. You’ve confirmed (at least for today) that I am C.


    1. Thanks Nancy. Yes my Ginger is the cutest orange tabby in the universe. Tied with yours, of course. Before Ginger we had Ralph, another royalty of orange tabbies.
      Aren’t they just the smartest cats?

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