DSC_8453_edited-3In my yard, the daffodils have come and are now long gone. California Poppies are taking their place. Bearded Iris are having their brief moment. I doubt this bloom will last more than a day in this week’s heat. What a marvel.


18 Replies to “A Moment In Time”

    1. It does look like one of those sugar candy flowers, doesn’t it? There’s another iris-like flower (Siberian Iris) by my little pond, but that one seems to bloom all year long, or close to it. But is doesn’t compare to the lovely specimen here.


  1. My library had several of these irises still in pretty good shape. Couldn’t get a good shot given the lighting (or lack of skill on my part). They are certainly impressive and beautiful. You managed a good image of what I discovered was a lot harder to catch than I imagined.


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