Weekly Photo Challenge: Three Picture Story

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8 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Three Picture Story”

  1. That fog bank is amazing – and legendary – nothing like it on the East Coast – gotta have the extremes of really warm/dry of the inland desert and the cold Pacific current. Sigh, I love California. Great trio!


    1. Thanks Eliza!

      I didn’t know that the East coast doesn’t get these big fog banks! Yes, San Francisco is nearly always just roiling in fog. So dramatic. I love it too — especially now that I don’t live there any longer. Used to live on the peninsula and I needed to escape the clouds/fog frequently.


      1. Yes, I don’t think I could stand it every day. I need the sun! Maine coast and islands like Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard will often have fog, but not every day, and it’ll generally lift by mid-day. But I’ve only visited the islands and lived in Maine for a summer, so don’t take my word for it as total fact for year-round.


        1. It may sound funny to northeastern ears, but I found it much too cold in SF. Eventually I had to move back to Southern Cal. Now I am just a frequent visitor, but I miss it a lot.


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