DSC_0132_edited-1Scrub Jay with bribe. Today, my front yard. I love this bird.  Click here to see why.

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8 Replies to “Watching The Watcher”

  1. What a handsome guy – I love that I can see every feather. I didn’t realize that jays were corvids (learn something new every day)! Our Eastern Bluejays run in gangs, scattering all the other birds when they cruise in to take over the bird feeders. Still, I find them beautiful, even if they are raucous bullies.


    1. For years I thought the birds I was seeing in my yard are Blue Jays. I’m no expert (of course) but I think the Scrub Jay is different from the Blue Jay. At least that’s the impression I got reading about him. Where’s an ornithologist when you need her?!!!


      1. Yes, they are cousins. The Eastern Bluejay has white on wings and a more prominent crest. Apparently, they aren’t really blue, but that their feathers reflect light so that they look blue. On sunny days, they do seem bluer. http://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Blue_Jay/id
        There’s also a Florida Scrub Jay, a bit like your Western Jay, but they are now a threatened species since FL is just one big housing development. 😦


        1. I have explored the All About Birds site for my jay & your jay, and then similar species to my jay. I was becoming convinced my jay wasn’t a scrub jay. Then I visited all the corvids & listened to the voices. Mine is definitely a scrub jay. It’s one of the un-melllifluous ones.


          1. I just love that website! I just went on to check what the Western Scrub Jay sounds like and both my cats woke up and were looking for the bird in the house, LOL! I’ve been a member of the Cornell Lab since the 80s. I love the work they do, and I really feel like my donations are put to excellent use. The Macaulay Library is AMAZING. I could spend hours at that website. http://macaulaylibrary.org Not just birds but all sorts of wildlife. Cool stuff!


    1. I have an inordinate fondness for these guys. There all over the neighborhood, and are smart & inquisitive & aren’t scared of humans & aren’t bullies. What I really really love is watching them weigh the peanuts. They pick up one & carry it near another, then they alternately drop & pick up each until they have discovered the heaviest (I assume). They might do this with 2 or 3 peanuts, then they make off with their treasure. I love watching them.


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