DSC_7462_edited-1A guest in my front yard yesterday.  I’m guessing it’s a Broad-tailed Hummingbird. Maybe.

Kelly 2014 © all rights reserved

13 Replies to “Flying Gem”

    1. I sure did! But I still feel like I am guessing. I found in my new resource that I can put in my zipcode and discover all the bird hotspots in my ‘hood. Cool. Very Cool.


      1. Also… guessing is a good place to start, we don’t have to be world renown ornithologists to enjoy the world of birds. It is simply a hobby, a practice and a fun way to observe the world. So long as labeling doesn’t take the joy out of the observing. Birds add such an amazing vitality to our environment, and they fly – how cool is that? No wonder they symbolize freedom.


        1. Isn’t that true! I even like my little common house finches (?) and sparrows (?) and scrub jays (this one I am pretty sure of). If the birds & bugs come, I am happy.


    1. I replaced my (cheaper) hummingbird feeder with this high-end model. The other one wasn’t bringing any customers to the showroom. I have been rewarded handsomely.


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