dsc_5506bThank God it’s Fall.  Flowers are blooming, blooms are lasting, fruit is ripening. It even rained!

11 Replies to “T.G.I.F.”

    1. I hope you mean “new” windows and you don’t mean that you have no windows currently! That’d be not such good news if it’s raining cats & dogs. A few days ago we had an all night good rain accompanied by a spectacular lightening & thunder show. It was glorious.

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      1. Grin… yes, brand new lovely windows. We are fixing the place up as we go. That’s what’s taking so long. That, and that we’re not in a huge rush. And we get to enjoy the place in between the latest projects. 😀

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  1. Great close up – is that a little piece of grass from the lawn mower on it? So glad you got rain. I heard about the thunder and lightning on the weather where they had a dash cam recording (in that awful traffic) and bolts were flashing all over.

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    1. Yes that’s an itty bitty grass clipping!
      We haven’t had so much good rain since last winter. And I haven’t seen thunder & lightening like this in probably a decade. It was so ferocious that the cats & dogs all ran upstairs after a particularly close strike. Too cute. They don’t know that stopping lightening isn’t one of my super-powers.


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