(2 photos)  Quantum entanglement is the current term for what Albert Einstein called “spooky action at a distance”.  An article titled Why Space And Time Might Be An Illusion describes quantum entanglement this way:

Two or more particles can act in a coordinated way, no matter how far apart they may be, and they do so without sending out a sound wave, beaming a radio signal or otherwise communicating across the gap that separates them. The particles behave as though they are not, in fact, separated. And one possible explanation is that the particles are rooted in the deeper level of reality where distance has no meaning.

Which reminds me of a near death experience I recently read. In the record of his experience, the experiencer talks a lot about time and space, and notes that there’s one thing that can travel faster than light — thought.


13 Replies to “Quantum Entanglement”

    1. As I was post-processing the image of the little weed in the web, I was struck by how the lines & empty spaces resonated with me and what I’ve read recently. Glad it resonates with you too, Gunta!


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