man and nature

13 Replies to “Man And Nature”

  1. … and technology.

    I agree with Healing Grief about the tree. I think if you crop the photo just above the man’s head you would have a very nice photo of the tree.

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    1. Yes … and technology. That was actually the point of this photo – that we focus on our tiny technology world and lose sight of the beauty and nurture/nature all around us.
      Throughout my walk through these gardens yesterday (as well as during my lunch in the cafe) so many people were paying more attention to their phones than to the beauty they had come to see.

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  2. I like your point (as explained to David). I never cease to be amazed at the folks walking around with their eyes glued to their phones or iPads, shooting pictures of the ocean, but getting ridiculously close to the edge of the cliffs. I hope I’m not around if/when one of them plunges off the edge. Of course, I guess I can’t be too critical since I’m often shooting pics, too. 😉

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    1. Or walking across a busy street. I happened to be at an emergency room some years back, and the doctor was talking about how many people come in with broken ankles because they stepped off the curb without looking up from their phone. Oh well!


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