Yesterday was quite hot and unpleasant, but this morning I am relishing the smell brought by cloudy skies and light drizzle. I love that smell, but then, doesn’t everyone? I am also relishing the adventures of Ginger — the cat who cannot resist an empty bag.  Apparently, a gift basket’s discarded cellophane wrapping is a wondrous thing.

I’m over it.

Here is the original Bag Lady.

17 Replies to “Bag Lady (the sequel)”

    1. It’s like looking for a parking place in San Francisco – the exhaust fumes barely have time to clear before another car swoops in. Same with Ginger and empty bags.

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    1. Ginger laughs at danger, and at me worrying about her! She’s one of the few people I know who is fully self-actualized, self-confident, free of neurosis, and up for adventure. And, she’s pretty, too.


    1. Thanks Karen. Ginger is much too smart to confuse hard crinkly cellophane with those treacherous thin plastic bags from the supermarket. Even so, we keep the evil bags in a safe place.


  1. Did not know they still even made hard crinkly cellophane any more. Thus my initial reaction was one of alarm. Whew, what a relief to learn otherwise. She is a beauty.

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    1. My goodness, I have frightened so many people! I must not tempt Ginger like that anymore. Yes, Ginger is quite the lovely love.


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