I’ve been blessed over the years with many realizations that what I used to think, I no long think. In small matters of “data” I realize I was mistaken. In large matters of “belief” I no longer believe.  Clutching my treasure map of reality, one day the wind rips it from my grasp. I chase it, and finally catch it lying on its other side, only to  discover an entirely different and perfectly valid reality map on the reverse. Sometimes that’s a long and painful process. Sometimes it is instantaneous and liberating.

We experience different kinds of seeing. That which comes from painstaking thought is entirely different from that sudden illumination of knowing. One is a map subject to debate. The other is the compass within. In my experience those long, painful changes in seeing are invariably related to the reality maps of my own creation. The instantaneous knowing is invariably joyous.  In my day-to-day life it’s the choice between noisy self and still Self.




14 Replies to “Seeing In The Dark”

  1. I think we all keep working on it until we’re done… down to the last minute. It seems as though it does come a tiny bit easier with age, or at least I hope so! Great images to go with the deep thoughts.


    1. I think you’re right, that we keep working until we’re done. As for age making it easier? Well I sure do have my repeated bouts of angst and doubt etc, but not so frequent as when I was younger. I’ve been trying to trust my realization that I mostly battle beasts of my own creation, and just let it go. It’s a lot easier to laugh at the ridiculous monsters in fantasy movie advertisements, isn’t it?

      Thanks for your comment, Gunta.


    1. I can pick any date in my adult life, go back 10 years, and see that my world view has changed dramatically between those two points. I have no children, and I give kudos to all you parents. I know that my own mother got several very large bags of reality checks from her children!


    1. Thank you so much, Otto. I think that open-mindedness was initially thrust upon me, until finally I came to appreciate it, and then nurture it. And now, I am grateful.
      I like that sunset photo too, as much for the image as for the wonderful camping trip to nature.


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