If it looks like chamois, and feels like chamois, does that make it a chamois tree?

DSCN3051_edited-2It will turn anyone into a tree hugger.

DSCN3046_edited-1I’m not sure, but I think this is a Cajeput tree.


18 Replies to “The Chamois Tree”

    1. Yes Gunta those are flowers, and it’s a very charming tree. So pleasing to look at that it made me give it a fond little caress, and voilà I then knew that it’s just as pleasant to the skin as to the eyes.


  1. Never seen a tree such as this, it is beautiful. I like the two distinct clusters, the horizontal branch, the unique bark; though I doubt you could wipe a car dry with it, eh. 🙂

    Thank you, MK for expanding my world.


  2. A beautiful tree! What lovely exfoliating bark. Melaleuca quinquenervia – Australian native. The oil from this product is used in cleaning products. Sap can be a skin irritant – maybe not so huggable after all! 😉 Your great photos that really show the details.

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    1. Uh-oh… I better go wash my hands! I pet these trees every time I walk past them. I was hoping you’d give me the real name, and I knew you’d like it, Eliza. It’s vibe is very easy going. I’ve been thinking about all your plant posts, and the fact that you’re so knowledgeable. You pay such close attention to Mother Nature.


    1. It’s quite a charming tree, Val. I was searching the internet trying to find the identity, and I see that in the USA it’s mostly found in Florida. I have only seen it here in my little neighborhood, not in most places around Los Angeles.

      If you wrap a baby blanket around the nearest tree, and then hug it, you’ll be in the chamois tree zone.


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