When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.
– John Muir

8 Replies to “A Brief Visit”

    1. It seems that he came to believe that nature was as valid an “original source” as the Bible. The quote for the picture leads me to believe that his implicit reference to Oneness was much more than an intellectual understanding. It says in Wikipedia “During his career as writer and while living in the mountains, Muir continued to experience the “presence of the divine in nature,” writes Holmes. His personal letters also conveyed these feelings of ecstasy.”


  1. interesting photo, “all life is interrelated. Through the concept of “dependent origination,” it holds that nothing exists in isolation, independent of other life. The Japanese term for dependent origination is engi, literally “arising in relation.” In other words, all beings and phenomena exist or occur only because of their relationship with other beings or phenomena. Everything in the world comes into existence in response to causes and conditions. Nothing can exist in absolute independence of other things or arise of its own accord.” – that is from Buddhism. Wanda


    1. Thank you Wanda for your very thoughtful comment, and sharing the insight from the Japanese world view. Is it a coincidence that so many paths lead to this one realization?


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