Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrasts

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2012-07-06 15.16.46_edited-2Lost & found – a couple of rescue dogs.

This week’s photo challenge is CONTRASTS.  See other interpretations here.

Share your own photo showing a CONTRAST. Join me in navel-gazing, or show us something more everyday — your cat cuddled up with your dog, a red car in front of a yellow house, a figure silhouetted against a setting sun. Try a less literal take and snap a shot of the John Grisham and Shakespeare volumes sharing space on your bookshelf, or go totally figurative and share an image of a person you find full of contrasts.


11 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrasts”

    1. Aren’t they? I have so many pictures of this puppy learning how to enjoy life from the big dogs. It was hard to pick the right one.


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