DSCN0208_edited-1When I think about the environment, I worry for the future of each child I see, like this one in Salamanca, Spain. The good news is there are people working locally to make a difference — like these folks.

Did you know there’s a huge salt cavern in New Mexico where we store nuclear waste, and “water contamination that comes with fracking creates groundwater seepage that can compromise the integrity of the site, by allowing water into the area where the nuclear waste containers are stored.”  If you’re like me, you might need a little help understanding what fracking is. Here’s a 5 minute video … Fracking 101

(hat tip to Vigilent Lens)

13 Replies to “Future Fridays”

  1. What a great photo!!! Thank you! I also would like to ask you a favor. I know you nominated me for an award, but I don’t know where the post is. I looked on my About Page and could not find the link. Could you send it to me? Thank you SO much. Love, Amy


      1. You make me laugh. IF it is a hassle, don’t worry about it. I mean it. I have begun to take care of the awards as they come in, and when yours came in, a bunch did, LIFE got busy (gee, hmmm…..really???) and so I got behind. I don’t follow the rules but I do at least put the link on my Award page so that others can see YOU gave it to me and follow the link back to you. That’s the least I can do. (((HUGS))) Amy


    1. I’ve often had the same thought, Gunta. But, what would our planet look like if we returned to our higher, better Selves? I visualize people in ones and twos and threes all over the world, anchoring the vibration of Love. How many of us would it take to turn the tide?


        1. I agree, we must keep trying. In my own life’s story I have put so much effort trying to affect change in the domain of results. Perhaps its my age, but now I place my hope in the field of causes. I have faith.


  2. I’m with you here (thanks for the nod BTW). I too, worry more than I should, did the future always seem so precarious? I try to have faith that Love will triumph and Light will reign, where the majority awaken to the Oneness of all on this planet and beyond. Keep seeing and being the change.


    1. I pray that a teacher will emerge, one who will champion the needs of all life on our planet. I believe that each time one of us remembers that we are all one, we help heal the whole.


        1. It is Mother Earth we’re talking about here, after all. I don’t think Hillary or Elizabeth Warren will lead the change. The only women I can think of at the moment are Amy Goodman, Arundati Roy, and Vandana Shiva. Do the last two qualify as “western”? I was unaware of this quote from the Dalai Lama, but if I think it through a bit more, perhaps it is old school to think of a specific woman. Perhaps it is the mass of women energized for their children and their planet.


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