15 Replies to “Most Beautiful Child — Part 2”

  1. I can see why they’re being photographed. I think the little girls are especially cute… the lifted skirt also makes the shot! 😀 (kiddy porn?)


    1. The two girls are at that Utterly Adorable age. They were running about, that’s all I recall. I wasn’t going to post the kids, but one of my faithful followers asked….


  2. What a tale one could tell from these! Are the boys being ignored? Or was their turn done? Comments made about the future promiscuity of the girl with the lifted dress or were her stockings too tight? Worth a 1000 words!


    1. Yes Eliza, I think the whole set is much more interesting than any one picture. I have no idea what was actually going on, and I would not have understood any Spanish even if one of the adults were speaking. One could imagine quite a few scenarios, like, fast forward 15 years and then…


        1. Eliza, if you mere referring to me calling it “kiddy porn”… I meant it in a good way, the same way one refers to “puppy porn” with everyone falling in love with the cuteness of it. Nothing at all to do with future promiscuity. Lifting the skirt is such a natural gesture at that age. 🙂


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