I am wealthy beyond my wildest dreams. My kitchen has more food than I could eat in a week. Outside my windows is a symphony of bird song. My bed is soft and warm. Art is in my home and in my city. Books abound. My dog wags her tail when I walk through the front door. My cat curls up under my neck when I am trying to read. I have more jeans and T-shirts than I can wear in one day.ย The love of my life smiles when I surprise her in the driveway. She thanks me for every small task I accomplish. She respects my boundaries. She looks forward to our time together.ย I’m surrounded by evidence of lessons I have learned and reminders of lessons I have not yet learned.

I believe in abundance. Our Creator has given us imagination, and a vast universe, awesome power of thought, and magical intuition. We are capable of the most intimate compassion. We have created music that transports us. We dance. We make love. We yearn for meaning. We suffer in sorrow for others. If our hearts are built for sorrow, then they were made for love and compassion.

We are powerful beings, and we fear our power. Imagine yourself as an author, a composer, a sculptor, a gardener, a dancer, a teacher, an architect, an artisan. Imagine that the universe will provide everything you need to manifest your intent. Is this frightening? If it makes you quake, which dark corner hides your doubt? I doubt my wisdom, compassion, patience and faith. I fear that my past choices of Self will manifest in my Creation. Will it be ugly due to lack of compassion? Will it collapse due to lack of wisdom? Will it be shoddy due to lack of patience? Will it remain unfinished due to lack of faith? If my creation reflects who I am, will it be a lesson to me, or will it be a thing of beauty?

The infinite Now is my servant. Do I even dare to say such a thing? Yes. Does that frighten me? Yes.

The infinite Now will manifest whatever I choose next. Jesus said to seek first the kingdom of God. He said to look at the birds and flowers, and to realize that they do not worry over tomorrow. They live only in the Now. I think he was reminding us that the infinite Now will respond to our choice and our need and our intent.

My job is to be in the heart of Love right now, and to be always in the Now.ย  That’s my job. Stillness in action. Lao Tzu called it wu wei. To do without doing, the way of non-action.

22 Replies to “Abundance”

    1. Thank you Eliza. I always feel immense reluctance in revealing myself. It takes an act of will to do so, even though I greatly admire & appreciate the openness of other people.


      1. I understand and know just what you speak of. Vulnerability, ala Brene’ Brown, can be tough to do. We are criticized for our imperfections and individuality from an early age. I try to think of that quote from Marianne Williamson about not hiding our light. Shining our light is what we are here to do. No one can shine better than we can!


        1. Yes, this morning with my first cup of coffee I was moved to write about abundance. So I did, and then it occurred to me to post it. And I felt reluctance, but also felt that this is the light that’s been given me at the moment, and should I hide my light? It takes faith to not hide it.

          You’re so right — shining our light is what we’re here to do. All your posts are exactly that, and I am glad you do it.


      1. I remember feeling very nervous with the first bit of poem I posted with a photo. It was so odd… like I would be judged in a different manner than with just regular words, paragraph style. And to share something personal, whew! That’s tough!


        1. You’re right — this is about me and the truth that I see. That’s the tough part. I used to write a political blog. Lots and lots of words. That writing was honest & heartfelt, and researched & full of hyperlinks. Hard work, but it didn’t make me nervous. A poem is revelatory too, so that would also make me nervous.


          1. I’d considered starting a blog to share my thoughts on various social and political issues, plus things that I think about, but it’s too exhausting just keeping this one up, considering the job I do 7-4 every day, plus getting out and about, processing the photos, etc. So I keep my thoughts for myself, lol! The political blog must have been satisfying but also lots of hard work.


            1. Well, I still care very much about all that, but I don’t think I made an impact. Besides, there are lots of folks out there who share the same political point of view, and they blog and they do a great job. In any event, I worked my whole life in left brain pursuits, and I’m happy that’s over. (Retired almost 6 months now!) Photography has so much in common with writing, really, and I want to pursue more writing. I may start adding more words into my posts. Plus I love getting out and exploring.


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