My dog took me for a walk this morning. I love this neighborhood. Am I crazy to want to get out of Los Angeles?

15 Replies to “In The ‘Hood”

    1. Yes there are hoards of parrots, and lots of them like to hang out in South Pasadena. They must think its cool. Actually, it is cool! If only I could find a way to avoid traffic ….


      1. I moved 2 months ago to eliminate horrible commute. I still have a job I dislike, but cutting the commute by 75% is wonderful. I was/am renting. Next move will hopefully be to place I buy… so I realize that makes things much more permanent. Traffic is horrible waste of life, tho!


  1. Calif. does have its benefits. Is that a native parrot or wild non-native? I can barely imagine looking up in a tree seeing a parrot! Love the shape & color of the artichokes. Happy Easter/Spring/return of the Light.


    1. This parrot has a yellow head (there was a pair), but 99% of the time I see parrots with red heads. Here’s a post from December 2012 that shows the ones I usually see, and which like my olive tree. The parrots I photographed today were HUGE, at least as big as a large crow, maybe bigger. According to the local Audubon society there are many species of parrots here.

      Happy Easter/Spring/Light to you too!


  2. A gorgeous series of shots. Obviously LA has its advantages, but the crowds and traffic would definitely freak me out. I started moving away from and avoiding large cities back in the mid-70s and haven’t looked back. These days it actually scares me to have to drive through one on a rare occasion.


    1. Thanks Gunta. That’s exactly it — too many people, too much traffic. One Saturday I went to a nearby museum (20 miles) and that trip took longer than my Sunday to my favorite beach (85 miles). Sheesh! My neighborhood is nice and almost like a separate space, though.


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