DSCN0121_edited-2Sunflower absorbing the setting sun.

Kelly 2014 © all rights reserved

12 Replies to “Last Rays”

    1. Thank you Sue! I’m still testing this new little point-and-shoot, while experimenting with black & white conversion in Photoshop Elements.


    1. I studied both the color & B/W images for some time before deciding to post the B/W. It’s a completely different statement; feels like more of the essence somehow. I admire B/W but feel intimidated by it. Last weekend I saw the Ansel Adams exhibit here at the nearby Getty Museum. Awesome. And to your other point — I like the northeast very much, but I’m astonished that people can maintain such patience and appreciation in living where winter has been so long & harsh. This past “winter” in L.A. has been like driving through a town with one stop light.


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