In the hours since the outcome of the presidential election was settled, I’ve been feeling and thinking and talking about what it means, what to do, how to recover. I believe that this is a clarifying moment for us all.

I live next to the playground of a middle school. The noise of kids playing soccer and baseball and football floats through the fence, with all their laughing and shouting. Just a few days ago my partner overheard one of the boys say “Come on, white people!”.  My partner is black. I was shocked when she told me. I’m sure she was shocked also. Not so long ago political correctness would keep such utterances unspoken, or at least private. It’s a new day.

Those of us on the left have retreated to our special interest silos for years. Gay rights groups protesting the latest murder of a transgender person. Environmentalists fighting the Keystone pipeline. Black Lives Matter protesting the killing of yet another black person. Native Americans defending the water and land of their ancestral home. Women’s groups defending Planned Parenthood. Not so long ago there were liberation movements where people found common cause in each others’ oppression.  It’s a new day.

One of the blogs I follow is Gigi’s Rants & Raves. In a recent post she points out the wrongness that Hillary won the popular vote but Donald won the presidency. MoveOn wants us to fight this. Another silo movement. I left a comment that petitioning our government to abolish the electoral college is pointless. I said that I think it’s time that the blue states should secede. Such is my anger. The next day I discovered that in fact there is indeed a movement already underway for California to secede. I didn’t know anything about #Calexit. I found my way to YesCalifornia.org. A petition will be on our 2019 ballots to secede. And now I’m seeing this succession movement all over the internet. Like this post by Joe Cannon, who, by the way, predicted that Trump would win this election.

For decades both conservatives and liberals have relinquished power to define the shape our future will take. We gave responsibility to politicians, and politicians invariably disappointed their base. In this election white people found common cause and elected a non-politician. Everyone on the left is distraught. You’ve surely seen the photo of young white men during Trump’s victory speech. Fascism unleashed.

My day always starts the same. I arise about 5am to feed the cats & dogs. I read one or another book on spirituality while I drink my first cup of coffee and delight in the dawn. It’s the same every day. Today I read this in The Way of Transformation: What is the world, if not each moment of relationship in which you find yourself?

This is a clarifying moment in America. We cannot go forward into oblivion. We cannot go backward into movements. We have power to create our future. Not so long ago we designated politicians as the ones responsible for defining and creating a vision of the future. We can’t afford to do that anymore. It’s a new day. There are no such things as silos. We’re all in it together. In fact, we are each other. Our fates are shared just as surely as the air we breathe. Quantum entanglement — the notion that a pair of “entangled” particles, once measured, can somehow instantly communicate with each other so that their states always match. It’s not a notion, it’s a proven scientific fact. This week’s election in America has clarified human entanglement. The silos existed in our imagination. They were never real. The threats are global and so is the solution. The power we’ve given away never left us.


20 Replies to “A Clarifying Moment”

  1. I am absolutely HORRIFIED by the election; I think I’m still in shock. Explain to me how the most qualified person that has ever run for President and gets the most votes is defeated by a racist, white supremacist moron. It makes me sick to my stomach to think I’m living in a “red” state.

    I think I’ll climb over his “wall” and move to Mexico (cost of living there is 54% lower).

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    1. I know, Kimm. I was hoping against hope that Wisconsin would go blue. I knew that the last votes to come in for WI were Madison as well as Dane County. So I hoped…
      Look at the timeline — when Hillary was Secretary of State she had a higher approval rating than Obama, and then the election cycle started. She is the most qualified candidate, both among democrats and between her & Trump. Look at the timeline! She won all 3 debates. She knows her stuff while Trump doesn’t know and doesn’t think knowing state-craft is even important. Every poll predicted her as winner. And when voting started, the EXIT POLLS gave the election to her. And then, supposedly, she under-performed while Trump over-performed.
      I don’t believe it one minute. I do believe that Trump pulled lots more of the white vote than I would have ever imagined. But I believe the vote was rigged. He pulled just a tiny bit ahead in the swing states. Every swing state. And what’s worse, Trump kept warning that the election would be rigged. That’s what liars do — they accuse you before you can accuse them.
      That’s what I think.
      Nevertheless, we are in a heap of trouble and it’s only our best efforts and pulling together that will get us out of this.
      PS—– if they let you over that wall and you wind up in Mexico, you’ll be close enough to visit. That would be nice!


  2. We are indeed in a state of shock. I didn’t realize just how divided this country has become. I think you’re right that the age of complacency is over. It is time to hold our candle higher, share our vision and act in the most positive way that we can.

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    1. On the same page, Eliza.
      I didn’t realize the magnitude of our division either, although I was aware that the polarization is worse than it’s ever been. Just before the election I was talking to my sister about the weather (another warm spell here) and climate change. She said “well, we did it to ourselves”. I thought to myself “No, we also did it to the children and the animals and the plants”. But I didn’t say anything.
      I agree that we have to keep our aim as high as we can, and share our vision. And like you say, we have to act. We have to recognize that “that problem over there is not my particular problem” is not accurate. Hillary’s problem is my problem. The frothing faces of those young white men at Trump’s speech is my problem. And I really truly believe that if we recognize that we’re all in this together, we can creatively solve all of this.

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    1. No I hadn’t heard of Cascadia Now. I checked it out, and it seems focused on the unique bio-region. Which is great, because along with valuing something comes protecting it. I didn’t see anything about seceding, so I guess that this initiative isn’t one of their projects? Although it could be… just needs someone to champion it into the group’s awareness (hint). If you’re interested in learning specifics of the secede plan, check this out:



  3. enjoyed your introspection, Michael.
    in my daily life i don’t have a real
    “we’re in this together” experience with most people i encounter.
    perhaps i get that feeling from a few close friends. nature and it’s other creatures leave me no doubt.
    it quite a misperception to have underestimated the level of ignorance, suffering, anger and hatred of tRump supporters, which has now been empowered. i’ll hold onto my faint hope that the so-called left comes together in harmony and awareness. we have the power of love and compassion. these powers will be greatly needed for the sake of all beings 🙂

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    1. Thanks David for your thoughtful reply. The experience that “we are all in this together” is just as true when we celebrate together as when we come together to extinguish a great fire. It’s just that one experience is more pleasant than the other.

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  4. Well said, Michael. I’ve been hiding my head in the sand as my nerves couldn’t take it anymore… not sure I’m ready yet, these are overly stressful times. Before I retreat back under the sand, though, I’m going to find a safety pin for my shirt. Can you imagine? We should display safety pins so others know we’re accepting and they can feel safe. WTH is happening with our world?

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    1. It’s been an extremely rough several days, but I think I’ve regained my balance.It’s not back to normal, and thank God for that. I’m so encouraged by the willingness of people to take risks and get in the streets. Even 20-somethings! Who would have thought I’d see that in my neighborhood.

      I think what’s happening is way bigger than what we see.

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      1. Maybe people finally woke up. I know my son became frustrated on occasion (several) while spending his every waking moment helping those who seemed not to care to help themselves. They would moan about not having their rights, but that’s all they would do. Maybe realizing the hard-fought rights gained could be taken away woke some people up to get busy, get active! Here’s to hope. Sue

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  5. Very good article, good read. I am going to go ahead and reblog this one for you. Hopefully this will help get you a few more readers. I hope you are able to have a great weekend.

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    1. Thank you Old Poet. My site is mostly about photography, but I occasional offer commentary when I just can’t help myself. I don’t think most people welcome point-of-view essays like this. But like I said, sometimes I just gotta do it.
      Thank you kindly for the reblog.


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