20161003_102128Water is rich in power and meaning, filling our literature and underlying our lives & livelihoods.

This photo was taken in the village of Lower Slaughter in England’s lovely Cotswold region.

Upper and Lower Slaughter share a fascinating name, which derives from ‘miry place’. The link is the tiny River Eye, tributary to the nearby river Windrush. Lower Slaughter is just off the Fosse Way and very conservation-minded – a wander alongside the stream seems like a privilege. People actually live here! The villages are considered to be one of the prettiest in the area and are well photographed and the village has been used for filming and productions.

The Lower Slaughter Mill and café is worth a visit. A mill is recorded in the Doomsday Book of 1086 on the site of The Old Mill. In the 14th Century it had begun to be known as Slaughter Mill and is open to the public to view today.

Upper Slaughter is equally as attractive – a ‘sainted village’ meaning that it didn’t lose anyone in the First World War. [more here]

See other tributes to water here, for this week’s photo challenge.

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