dsc_5048(2 photos) Victim: unknown. Prime suspect: jewel spider, member of the orb-weaver gang.  Bugguide.net describes the jewel spider is “harmless”, but Wikipedia mentions sexual cannibalism, construction of a silky web with a sticky center, and spiderlings who hatch & eat their brethren. I guess harmless depends on who you ask.dsc_5057

21 Replies to “Tough Neighborhood”

    1. Thanks Karen!
      I venture out after a long summer hiding from the heat, and there’s a monstrously huge spider. If she were to jump on me, I would not be “harmless” either!

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            1. Oh, wow, I have never seen such a spider web! And the spider itself is extremely scary looking — very spiky like the stereotypical Halloween spooky spiders. The abdomen of the spider in this post was so big that you can easily see it from 10′ away. Just huge.


              1. We had an orb spider with a 1″ abdomen on the deck last year (I posted her on Halloween 😉 ). Thankfully, she was a gentle soul and gave us no trouble, but one does a double take to see one close by that is so huge! Overall, they really are a great gardener’s friend.

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    1. I’m on the same page as you, Vinny. It’s not so much that I’m afraid, they just creep me out. I have admiration for their webs, but the details of their dining preferences are best unseen.

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