DSC_0995a(3 photos) This Bald Eagle is keeping watch at a distance over his eagle baby. The nest is in another tree.

DSC_0963aWhen the mother eagle flew away the father eagle showed up. At no time was baby eagle without a parent keeping watch. Unfortunately, I haven’t yet gotten a decent picture of the mother and baby and nest. I hope to return before the nestling flies away for good.


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    1. I was so impressed by their careful monitoring of baby bird. We watched the mother & baby in the nest for quite some time, and then the father showed up & mom flew off. Magnificent birds.

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    1. Thanks Mic. Yes, there’s a dam about 25 miles from my house, right along “the foothills”, which is the edge of the mountains in the northeast side of Los Angeles. The mountains are the result of earthquake fault zones. Since I moved from a much more urban part of L.A. to the foothills, I have done much more exploration of the mountains. Wish I’d done so sooner — they have so much to offer.


    1. I do remember that post, Gunta. I was so envious.
      I saw the fledgling flapping and flapping, while the mother sat on a branch just above, watching. I can’t say that it seemed that baby was getting any lift. Maybe it’s too soon. The mom & baby were back-lit, so perhaps if I return in late afternoon I will have a chance to get a good look and some decent shots of them.


      1. It seems the baby baldies do quite a bit of wing flapping before they finally achieve even a little liftoff. You can observe quite a bit of it at the Decorah webcam: http://www.decoraheaglecamalerts.com/
        My shots weren’t all that great either since the nest is very far off across a wide river, but that liftoff was pretty exciting even if the pics weren’t perfect.

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  1. Sorry I’m behind on my Reader, due to gardening like crazy (among other things). This is pretty neat that this pair and baby are so (relatively) close to you. It is pretty exciting that bald eagles have rebounded so well. Last summer I saw one in a tree behind my house and I was hopping up and down I was so excited! πŸ™‚

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    1. This is the first time I’ve seen bald eagles in the wild, so I jumped at the chance. A walking friend of ours has a bird-watching friend who showed her the pair, so she took us out there. It’s mountainous place new to us, quite wild and appealing, and it’s easy to get to from home. I look forward to exploring out there soon. Sadly, summer has arrived. Yesterday it was 105. So, we have to wait for cooler temps to find what this new place has to offer.


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