DSC_3306aBest guess — California manroot.

21 Replies to “Podzilla”

  1. Oh thanks so much Rajiv! When I finally saw the seed pod about to burst, it reminded me of the scary monster movies (like Godzilla).


  2. Those are pretty cool! The internal webbing is interesting…I may have seen that kind of structure elsewhere but it is really prominent here. I really like the black and white image.

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    1. Thanks Mic. I prefer the black & white image also. This pod with its spines and web feels like the perfect evolutionary container of those big seeds. In all my dog walks through this area, I’ve one seen one or two pods that look as if some animal tried to break in. Pretty effective packaging.

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  3. Pretty fantastic. I think I’d be afraid to walk around in your yard. They look like something you find 30,000 leagues under the sea; 20,000 if you’re more the book fan. Excellent job with the black and white one.

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    1. The pods are in my big backyard (823,000 acre national forest, just 4 miles up the road), not my small backyard!
      Thanks — I thought the black & white portrait really captured the pod’s personality.

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