DSC_9703a(6 images) I took a couple of pictures today and played with Photoshop filters. Some are pretty. Some are interesting. Some are perplexing. Some seem like they could be used to make greeting cards.  I think I need to learn a lot more before I claim to understand the how & why of these filters.

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    1. I found the learning curve overwhelming too, when I tried to learn it on my own. I think this class I’m taking has helped me play in teeny tiny increments.

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  1. Hi MK, filters are fantastic fun! I use a program called GIMP which is like a free version of Photoshop. I’ve been experimenting for a few years and have great fun with it. No chance of going to classes as I live in France and don’t understand enough French! There are always great aids for this sort of thing on YouTube as well. When I learn something new I always write it down otherwise I know I’ll forget how I did it. Too bad we’re using different programs because I’d be happy to help if you got stuck. 🙂

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    1. Thank you Jude! I had heard of GIMP but forgot about it. I’m glad you reminded me, because now I’ll download it and give it a test drive. I’m using the Adobe Creative Cloud suite right now because I’m taking a photography class, and most of the class is about post-processing.
      And thank you for the suggestion about Youtube help. I think maybe when the class is done I may give serious attention to the lower-priced alternatives.

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