DSC_4796AFor this week’s challenge, share a photo of a landscape: a wide establishing shot of a scene in nature or an urban setting.”  I’ve chosen a view taken in 2010 during a bird watching walk near Arenal Volcano, Costa Rica. Check out other landscapes here.

23 Replies to “WPC: Landscape”

    1. Haha! That never occurred to me, but I do see what you mean! It is such a lush place, and the people I met were so gentle, that King Kong was the furthest from my mind. (Although, our guides let us know that venturing into the rain forest was unwise in the extreme.)

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    1. Costa Rica is the nearest I’ve ever come to “magical” in nature. Our bird watching guide took us to a road where we humans were safe from the animals, and they were safe from us. It is a lovely place and I do long to return.

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    1. It certainly is!!! It’s so dense with so many different kinds of plants (and creatures) that I always think of the film “Avatar” when I think of Costa Rica.

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    1. Thanks Gunta. I loved all the mist and rain there too. My other choice was a shot taken up at the border of Nicaragua — with so much rain it looked like a car wash. It’s a very cool place.

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