(6 photos)  Bach in the Subways celebrates the life of J. S. Bach and seeks to bring his music to folks who might otherwise never have the joy of meeting him.  His 331st birthday is March 21, so on Sunday we headed to Los Angeles’ main train station to share the fun.

The crowd anticipates the arrival of the organist.


On the program is “Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring”.  Me and this little guy both love that one.


Woohoo, there he goes!



Also on the program was “Tocatta and Fugue in D minor”.  That’s what was being played when this photo was taken.



16 Replies to “Bach In The Subways”

    1. You’re so perceptive, David. As a Psych major in college, I acquired great skill in observing & analyzing human behavior. It’s the least I can do to share what I’ve learned. I hope one day to be an equally accomplished photographer.

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  1. Μy dear friend!Bach is one of the loves of my life!
    I simply adore his music and every year try to use his masterpieces in
    more of my choreographies I can,so my students love him too.
    I send you a video of my children dance with his music,I hope you like it,I just do it with love,not to show-off of course!
    Thank you very much for the beautiful post!

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing this excellent video. It is a beautiful performance! I am so impressed. Tell your girls they dance beautifully.


    1. I don’t think all the folks listening were there just because it was free – I’m encouraged by how many Bach fans are out there! Cheers to Papa Bach & his boys.

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