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(6 photos) Third in a series on the Los Angeles Metro.

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10 Replies to “Couples Ride The Rails”

    1. Thanks David! Yes, a few more sets to come. A new extension of the light rail system opened up two weeks ago, and the newest station is pretty near my house. It’s nice to explore without driving the L.A. traffic. I feel so liberated.

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    1. It is great fun hopping on & off the trains. No driving, no worries. I am really enjoying it.
      No, sleeping baby doesn’t have keys hanging off his nose (but I do see stuff that surprises me, that’s for sure.) What seems to be keys is a pattern in his wife’s shirt. He just curled up & went fast asleep, while “mommy” watched for their stop.


    1. No progress on that front! The photos taken inside the Metro trains used my camera’s LCD that opens out so I could be surreptitious. The others were taken at a distance, then cropped!


      1. I’d say that’s progress… you didn’t like the idea at all previously. You’ve done a really nice job with them, regardless what technique! I always liked using the zoom lens when I could, too… so safe!

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