DSC_8011AIt just knocks my socks off to see the return of fruit in our garden. The strawberry plants survived the few frost nights we had this “winter”.


The orange trees have delivered all their fruit, and we have only just finished juicing the last of the oranges. Today the same trees are bursting with new blooms — so many blossoms that the open dining room window delivers their fragrance into the house even now, at 8 in the evening.

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13 Replies to “Transformations”

    1. I’m SO happy to be here, Gigi. There are some downsides, for sure, but even more upsides. For me it’s a good fit. And all the fruit in the yard is just a gift from Mother. I take no credit.


    1. Oh, that’s not a juicer — it’s a carpal tunnel machine. (Seriously, we have to buy a military grade juicer for next year.)
      We’re drinking juice morning, noon and night. I’m enjoying a tall glass of grapefruit juice at this very moment. We could use some help!


      1. LOL – carpal tunnel machine – that’s a good one! You need one of those leverage-handle ones with a downward arm-crank. I wouldn’t be much help with the juice drinking… excessive acidity gives me canker sores. 😦

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