WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE: This week show us something that helps you stay positive and hopeful.

That would be sunrises, sunsets, furry friends, trees, and Beethoven. (Well, I can’t show you Beethoven but I’m taking this in the spirit in which it was intended.)




25 Replies to “WPC: Optimistic”

      1. You and me both, although I used to write songs, some of which actually got published, and one recorded. I haven’t followed up for over 35 years. I really ought to check on it. LOL

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    1. Thanks Karen. It’s so natural to experience a grove of redwood trees as a cathedral, and the love coming back from our sweet pets, and the awesomeness of the sun. And Beethoven transports me to someplace deep, deep within.

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  1. My brain is not wired for music (or math and the two seem to go together) so I don’t appreciate music the way many people do, but I do appreciate the visual of the angle you used on those tree trunks. It really highlights their majesty.

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    1. Yes, especially the redwoods, Gunta. Is it because these trees are so astonishingly tall, or is it because they’re so ancient? For me, when I am in the redwoods, I feel that I am instantly back in my real place — just another creature of nature, all of whom are beloved, none of whom are more prized than the others.


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