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7 Replies to “Cheers”

  1. Awww… very sweet! And such a festive image. Hope yours was happy and full of cheer. Mine… I spent the last several days coughing my lungs out and using tons of kleenex. Not one of the best Christmases. But likely second to the one when my mom died (on her 96th birthday — yes, Christmas— five years ago.) I suspect that Christmas will never be the same for me. Trying not to take away from the joy felt by others. Why did I even mention this?

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    1. Oh, I’m sorry to hear that you were sick for this Christmas holiday, Gunta. I had a touch of something last week – but it only lasted two days and was just a slight fever & just feeling under the weather. No big deal. My Christmas was low key. We had some family (just one couple) over for brunch and hanging out. That’s my idea of holiday bliss. It was a nice meal & nice company.
      It’s painful when a death coincides with a holiday that’s supposed to gather loved ones. My own mom died on December 23, back in 1987, so Christmas always reminds me of that event. But I feel her blessings with me all the time, so it’s okay.
      I hope your New Year is happy and healthy and filled with love & nature.


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