sago & elmFalling leaves in fall always surprise me.

pomegranate orange elmNovember gold.

grapefruit & BaldyHoping that when the grapefruit are ready, there will be some snow on the mountain top.

15 Replies to “Fall-ish Southern California”

      1. Know exactly what you mean. I fell in love with Utah’s mountains for the same reason when I lived there. The ocean is closest to my heart, but the mountains come in a close second. Next is the desert, but not in the summer. 😉

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        1. Growing up in the desert, I had much less appreciation of it than I do now. But when I go back to AZ for an occasional visit, I find it quite beautiful. But not in the summer. 😉

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  1. Wow, I didn’t know that some of your trees go dormant. The juxtaposition of autumn leaves and the tropical plants makes me do a double take. And look how close the mountains are – they look huge!
    Hope you have a delicious Thanksgiving in both food and company! 🙂

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    1. Most neighborhoods I’ve lived in in LA have very few trees that turn color & drop their leaves. This one has more of them. It’s a treat for me to see, since most of the trees stay green.

      Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours.

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