harvest_edited-3In my yard today — pomegranates are nearly ended, persimmons are coming into their own, and citrus are still on the horizon.

14 Replies to “Pomegranates and Persimmons”

  1. This post reminded me of when I was little and my grandmother and great aunt would make persimmon pie and pudding this time of year. The persimmons we gathered though were not nearly as large as what you show. They were about half the size of a golf ball.

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    1. These are fuyu persimmons. I had a heck of a time picking them — used one of those long handled basket things. The biggest fattest most ripe one popped out of the basket after it let loose of the tree. We’ve got a BUNCH more waiting, still golden, tending to pink, but not yet soft.

      I’m going to have to look up persimmon pudding. What else can I do with all that fruit?

      Thanks for stopping by David.

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      1. I would think you could make persimmon bread just like you would banana or pumpkin bread. I used to eat them off the tree like an apple (or more like a grape). I do know if you take a bite of a green one it will take a week to get the pucker look off your face; worse than lemons. 🙂

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    1. Gosh, I don’t know Eliza. When we moved here in April, the pomegranate was just FULL of blooms & baby fruit. I think our crop suffered from the heat & low water situation. One thing I definitely learned after moving to this property with all it’s food trees – I don’t know a thing about any of this! Nothing has made me feel more like a city girl than watching all these trees bearing fruit, and realizing I’m clueless.


      1. Maybe a beginner’s guide to fruit trees would be helpful? Nook and Kindle have them, as well as the old-fashioned in your hand guide, too. A little effort will pay you with pounds of fruit! Another learning curve! 😉

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            1. That could very well be the problem. We had lots of fruit fall into the yard in the hot spell. It got up to 103 on Oct. 9, but we’ve been cooling down since then. I think maybe summer is finally over? So thankful.

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    1. Thanks for reminding me of that, Karen. I just recalled a wonderful couscous & pomegranate salad I enjoyed some years ago. Time to treat myself before the opportunity is past.

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