DSC_2036_edited-1A sago palm grows on the corner of my porch. I love the shadows it casts. I find the young fronds so sweet to look at.

DSC_2061_edited-1 Cycas revoluta … revoluta means “curled back”, in reference to the leaves … native to southern Japan … It can grow into very old specimens with over 20 feet of trunk; however, the plant is very slow-growing and requires about 50–100 years to achieve this height … Cycad sago is extremely poisonous to animals (including humans) if ingested.  [Wikipedia]



17 Replies to “Sweet Sago”

  1. Beautiful! The unfurling leaves remind me of fern fiddleheads. Isn’t it amazing that the natural process is this wonderful, complex, nonlinear growth that rolls out rather than just growing outward at the edges?

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    1. That unfurling is what I found so delightful, and surprising. The “regular” palm fronds generally seem to grow out long, kind of in a tube, and then open up as does an umbrella. The sago palm is not actually in the palm family.
      Thanks, Mic.

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  2. Oh, what a gorgeous unfurling – you’ve captured it so artistically & how wonderful you have one in your yard to give you such joy. Cycads are among the oldest plants on the planet – dinosaur age survivors. I bow to their longevity. 🙂

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    1. I just happened to go to my pending comments section, and I found several of your comments there. I don’t know what happened. I had to un-spam them, and then approve them. I hadn’t seen a comment from you in about a month. Weird.

      Thanks for enlightening me in about cycads. I didn’t know that they’re such an ancient plant. Now I will venerate it as well as enjoy its sweetness. It gives me a feeling of hopefulness to know that this plant as well as our bird friends have made it through thick & thin.

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      1. Yeah, Akismet has spammed me. You’re #8 so far. 😦 I’m told by another blogger it may take months to ‘clear’ my good name! God only knows what I did to get tagged. Glad you found me. I’m thinking I should write a post telling everyone to check their spam folders!

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        1. I was surprised that after I marked your comments as NOT-spam, I still had to approve them before they showed up on my post’s comment area. I have always had my discussion settings configured so that I always accept any comment, and never require pre-approval for anyone. Akismet owes you big time!

          I’ve decided to take a couple of courses at the local junior college. I’m hoping to get one of the few remaining seats for “WordPress Web Development”. That could be a cool class, huh?

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    1. Thanks Sue. It’s surprising to me how charming this plant is. In general, we see so many palms of so many varieties here in SoCal, that I tend to dislike them. But not my sago.

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