DSCN4335_edited-2Yesterday I was digging a hole under a bushy tree for a new shade-loving plant, and I looked up and saw several pairs of furry dots meandering slowly up the tree bark.  There were at least three pair of them. Lucky they move at about the pace of a caterpillar, so I had time to run into the house & grab my little point-and-shoot camera.  Turns out these are long-tailed mealybugs.


11 Replies to “Long-tailed Mealybug”

    1. It was fascinating to watch it sort of float along the bark. I’ve never seen one before. Actually quite intriguing, and bugs usually creep me out.


    1. Well, I didn’t do anything … yet. I am told by those who know that these are pests that will attack our fruit trees. I was advised to send them off to heaven. What to do, what to do?


            1. You a very convincing, Eliza. They’re on an acacia tree, sandwiched between my pomegranate & my lime. I will go out & squish them. No chemical executions allowed.


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