The Longing To Awaken

The longing to awaken is, in fact, God longing for You. The very desire to awaken does not arise from the egoic mind.


5 Replies to “The Longing To Awaken”

  1. I really liked this guy’s energy. And the concept is heartening, we are God’s longing to experience Itself. Awakening to the Inner Voice is the path we are meant to follow. Thanks for sharing this! I’m interested to check out his other videos, too.

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  2. Indeed, Eliza — awakening to the Inner Voice is the path we are meant to follow. What a liberating and loving realization this is. I am glad you thought this was worth you time & consideration. Thank you!


    1. Hi Karen,
      Thanks for checking on me! How kind of you. Yes, I’ve been away from my online friends for nearly two months. We sold our current home and the big move to the new house is this Friday. We’d been planning on leaving Los Angeles for some time – made treks up to the San Francisco area, searched online for property in the New England area, made a list of must-haves and wouldn’t-it-be-nice-to-have. In mid-February we found a beautiful house about 60 miles east of LA, and made an offer to buy it. That started a rush to get this house sold. And it sold immediately. In the meantime the first house offer was declined, and another one was declined, with many viewings in between. When we were 33 days away from our move-out date here, we found the absolute perfect home exactly 33 miles east, and had our offer accepted with a 30 day escrow. Every item on our wishlist was provided.

      The only pictures I’ve taken since mid-February are cell phone snaps of my cats sitting atop small mountains of boxed books.

      I will make a pilgrimage to visit my dear blog friends the week of April 20.


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