There are several spans which cross My Playground. One is the massive freeway, one is this two-lane bridge for the main road, and there are several smaller bridges for minor roads. This is iconic bridge symbolizes the city of Pasadena in many postcards and paintings. I love this bridge, and on my way home I prefer this route to the freeway. Beauty beats speed any day.

(Click the first image to make it full size, then use the right arrow to see the next photo.)

16 Replies to “My Bridge”

    1. Isn’t it interesting that there are bridges, and then there are bridges that people love? What is that? Is it just the combination of service & elegance, or something else?


    1. After I published this post, I was thinking more about the routes and options in my travels. Going north from Los Angeles to San Francisco, there’s a fast way, and a pretty way. I never choose the fast route. And as I think about other destinations, my choice is always the same. It makes me think about other choices, too. Thank you Karen.

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    1. Thanks Tina. A welcoming bridge invites the mind to become at ease, doesn’t it? I’m glad you like this series. It’s the best I can do to show my appreciation for such a wonderful gift.


  1. “Beauty beats speed any day.” That it does!! What a majestic place. That last photo is absolutely spectacular. So inviting. All of them are gorgeous. What a fantastic place. Jubilant cheers,

    smiling toad


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